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Listening to the fire

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Big fire small talk. Small fire big talk. This African fable is essentially about less is more, a life of simplicity.

The bigger the fire the further apart we all are, so the less intimate our conversations.  A small fire draws people together, they smuggle close for warmth, light and security. Less fire allows for quieter conversations and deeper connections.

Wood is a beautiful resource, to be used sparingly. More importantly, it tells us a story.  Who walked past this tree, who rested in its shade, what protection did it offer, which animals rubbed themselves on its rough bark? Let the fire talk; calming our minds and helping us to think.  I love to look at the flames, mesmerised by their dance.  It's an ancestral 'thing' looking into the fire. Let's listen to the fire crackle its wisdom.

Marcus Buckingham says if you can't meet one to one with your leadership team every week, then its too big.  Small teams managed well advocated good calibration, cohesion and collaboration.

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