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The simplicity of running has remarkable joy and freedom. Running is our ancient and quintessential sport, requiring low to no gear. When jogging I like to joke with the cyclists proclaiming disdainfully, "such a modern invention." When cycling, I tease the runners, "so old fashioned" However; running is so beautifully simple. Barefoot runners have taken it all the way back to its original state. In South Africa I would frequently see barefoot people it's widespread, very natural and quite normal.

Running can be quite social; you can chat easily while you 'train'. I've made my best friendships through exercise, especially running. When running with my children, I coach and chat from the sagacity of my years; they're always SO grateful. It's an activity, like many, that lessens the intensity of a DMC. Running helps me to distil my mind and think through the challenges that I face.

The app "Couch to 5kms" is great because in my experience anyone getting up and out is a happier person. I've included this link because I love it - the simplicity of less. I've personally had good results from this program.

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