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to begin at a beginning, as it seems right to do...

Educational philosopher Kurt Hahn (1886-1974), the founder of Outward Bound, Round Square, Salem and Gordonstoun schools, used this motto, “Plus est en vous” there is more in you than you think! The core of his philosophy is that each of us has more courage, more strength and more compassion than we would ever have fathomed. (

John Eldredge, in his book Wild at Heart, says ‘The way a man’s life unfolds tends to drive his heart into remote regions of the soul.’ More than ever, there is a sense that having more means more personal satisfaction. However, this blog (aka me) measures life by the simplicity of less. Less is more; all you need is less etc. A simple life of value. It's not what we gather, (material stuff and wealth) but what we scatter (our tangible web of valuable friendships).

I love the gritty and grubby. The hard work of a steep hill, that forces us to dig deep, believe we can and stretch ourselves both physically and mentally. Like "The Little Engine that Could", with courage in our suitcase, we can dig deep and draw out a large slab!

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