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The giants who whisper

For many years, as a husband and a father, my wife has asked me to speak gently."Let your gentleness be evident to all." (Philippians 4v5) We show great strength in speaking gently: a gentleman is distinctly defined by it! I am large, loud and boisterous, which is a useful quality as a mountain guide. Motivating wet, cold, fogged-out and fed-up teenagers need significant efficacy and role-modelling; "isn't this delightful, cold, damp and disastrous - such fun!"

Hills, valleys, mountains and dales all speak of quiet, timeless resistance. They are occasionally rattled by weather, however, they remain stalwart and tempered, eternal and unchanging as the seasons roll around them. These giants speak in the still small voice of calm. During my trip along the Everest Basecamp Trail, the Himalayas remind all of us how small and insignificant we are and how kind they are to allow us to creep along their paths, trails and tracks.

Learning gentleness takes deliberate, conscious language and volume control. To help me, I whisper, doing my best to keep the love connection, especially around finances, children and holidays!

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