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Space and place

After any type of outdoor experience, good, bad or ugly by reviewing it you can learn from it! I never learnt the easy way, I'm not sure I know that path! Hard lessons, the hard way forge strong memories.

Here are some reviewing ideas that are simple and easy to do in a cave!

  1. Being interested in other people: Respect that everybody is different. Each person must introduce themselves to the group by telling them 2 things that nobody would know about them.

  2. Honesty: Telling the truth at all times. Give an example when this has been tough to do in your life. “right & wrong” V’s “right & almost right!

  3. Perseverance: Did you feel like giving up today? What does courage really mean?

  4. Being teachable: What did you learn from who over the past two days?

  5. Serving: When was I a bit selfish today? How can I put the other group members first? Who made me happy today?

  6. Being thankful: Each participant to give 2 things that they are grateful for. Why is it important to be thankful EVERY DAY?

Use simple analogies and aids to assist - what colour represents how you feel now? What does this stone/pebble make you think of from today?

Try also, sitting under the stars one night and chatting about life with them. At the end of the experience, find a quiet place to reflect on the ‘journey’ that they have been on.

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