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Presence is powerful

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Just pitch up! Many times in the mountains, we have found a less-than-perfect campsite near enough to water and flattish without too many rocks, tuffs or terrors. Tent up, get water, eat, and sleep.

Great teachers, especially Housemasters and Heads, show care by walking and passages, halls, pitches and yards. FM Monty gave his troops strength and purpose by being with them.

We just need to get there; however, we make excuses; "I don't have the words... it's so hard...that it will be awkward...what shall I say.." When a friend's in need, being there is doing enough. "Never above you, never below you, always beside you." It speaks to taking the journey, leaning in, and going far together.

My parents never failed to take the journey. They arrived and supported family and friends when somebody needed them. They did not have many words or a counsellor's course; their power was their feet and time. My wife often reminds us to be 'present' in the moment, turning off and away from distractions.

I recall trying to capture a lion hunt on my camera, which wasn't working, and I was getting frustrated! Finally, the guide said, "Jimmy, stop, look, listen and learn. Be here in this moment for these memories."

I have been complimented at work for having a good rapport with my pupils. All I have done is what my Dad did: shown up. Most days, I take time before, during and after school to walk and talk, nothing serious, just showing up and leaning in.

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