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Never ever give up. Great things take time.

Great things take time, is perhaps, a somewhat cliched phrase. However; it's as accurate today, as it's always been.

My children, (I have three wonderful ones,) are beginning to show an interest in the art of rowing. I rowed for a while, (I'm in the middle of a brief mid-life comeback) I did quite well and enjoyed it. Like all great things, it took me time to learn how to row. Then I spent hours to become reasonable. Then I trained for years to go 'fast'. In every way, it was really worth all the extraordinary time and effort that I put in. It taught me, as it is now revealing to my children, that great things not only take time but require tremendous tenacity in pursuit.

Angela Duckworth in her excellent book 'Grit' presents this simple formula: Tallent x effort=skill. Skill x effort=achievement. Effort counts twice, every time.

Recently while watching my son and his friends complete the infamous "2k-erg-trial," it made me realise, how far they have come, and how far they still have to go! My daughter, writing her end of school exams lives "plus est en vous", WOW, she, like many others are all working really hard in the thick of their 'finals'.

From Malcome Gladwell's "Outliers" the theory/practice of 10,000 hours is remarkably apt for anyone who is striving towards excellence. I don't know anyone who succeeded without extraordinary hard work. However; success, with all of its elation, comes with significant sacrifice: to family, friendships and other goals.

I have about 12,000 hrs (500days) as a teacher/mountain instructor and river guide. I love being outdoors; it's my absolute passion; journeying with people as they learn the art of digging deep. Growing in confidence and ability as they force themselves towards goals and summits. Seeing their efforts and learning transferred into other areas of their lives, is as magnificent as any view.

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