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Mastering millennial's : by a GenX

"If you want to touch the future, teach" David Wylde's wise words at a Valediction service in 2001. I still reflect on those profound words, that moved me into full-time education. I love working with millennials (1985-2015).  The bounce-back/recovery they show at camp, after a long hard wet day in the mountains, where they couldn't have possibly gone another step, is amazing. They're fast for fun, inspiring, creative with boundless energy and always a quick fix. Sadly, perhaps justifiable, they are labelled as"entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy." However; they want to work for a great cause, not a careless corporate, with a lasting impact, changing the chances of the future. This awesomeness comes with a small price tag: plenty of holidays, enough salary, free: food, wifi, coffee and bean bags!

They want to be seen, acknowledge and valued. To be known, appreciated and moderately celebrated often. This is not an unreasonable expectation. Some baby-boomers (1945-1965) the hard, gritty, bastards, who earned their "stripes" in the school of hard knocks (aka bullying), enjoy demeaning them by saying "that lot just want their egos stroked!"

However, if that what it takes to nurture, coerce, drive, mentor and guide millennials to excellence - then get stuck in, show a bit courage and go for it - stick with them and show them some of the GRIT you want from them; don't ever give up on them. Mentor the next parents, leaders, carers, social workers, doctors, engineers, teachers, chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs that are going look after us in our dotage: invest well, invest once; millennials- those that will fix the problems, we can't, shan't and won't.

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