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All my life - eyes up!

In 1994 I preached my first sermon to our packed-out church of 350 at St James the Less in Pimlico, London. It was probably a right-ripper and based on Hebrews 12 1-3. "Cast off the sin, run the race and keep your eyes on Jesus". In a nutshell, "eyes up".

In 2009, 15 years later, we moved into a beautiful house on a blueberry farm. Before we moved in, the owner, Phil, fitted a new kitchen. While cleaning the stone floors with polish and paraffin, we set light to it, burning it so severely that it had to be completely refitted. We met with Phil, expecting the worst. He asked if anyone was hurt, which they weren't. He looked at us with a peaceful smile and said, "eyes up, and the rest is for insurance." "Eyes up" has become our family phrase during tough times.

All my life, I will, with intentional tenacity, teach, preach, pray, run, ride, row, swim, sing, smile, laugh, love, and be bold and boisterous, for the Goodness of God is too much for me not to. I love my job as a teacher because I am enthused daily by the joys of youth. In growing my winter beard, a delightful one commented - "Sir, your beard, well, it's very; beardy."

As my brother Ed awoke from his terrifying 10-day coma, he had in his mind the 13th verse from Psalm 27 "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord

in the land of the living."

I see Jesus daily in my family, colleagues and pupils. God is always good, and I'm blessed to see Him so often. I see him in the stars and galaxies, the heavens declaring His WOW! Yet, all my life, He is faithful, without fail, never letting go. His everlasting arms are always beneath me. says so much, so beautifully.

In a recent interview with Louis Theroux, Bear Grylls said to be kind and have courage. He's obviously been reading the right blogs!

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