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Getting out there

Philosophies must be actions, not just words. Love demonstrated in acts of service (now not later) tell the real journey of your steadfast commitment.

I have been puzzling about electric bikes. Are they the real deal or another 'fad-toy' for the unhealthy wealthy? There are plenty of purists with overstated opinions. Anyway, having completed 1300KMs of non-electric biking since lock-down, including the beautiful South Downs, I am convinced that the essential part of biking is getting out there, don't talk about it, saying you will, just get on with it!

I've seen and chatted to the numerous players out on the trails. The best was a great uncle, 55 years older than his nephew, enjoying an incredible ride together. The uncle, 70, on his electric and the lad, 15, on his basic MTB.

So I've drawn my simple conclusion, it doesn't matter how; gravel bike, MTB, electric, road or hybrid - just be outside and ride a bike. It's super fun, super easy, great for you and good for family relationships. I have also noticed that sadly there are not nearly enough lady riders, come on girls be firm, fair and friendly and tell him to parent for a wee while!

There is no such thing as cold and wet, just the wrong clothes!

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