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Gearing up for getting out #1.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Occasionally, I'll share some of my love of outdoor gear. There is so much awesome stuff to fill your backpack, it can be overwhelming. I've been trekking since I was 10, (36 yrs,) so I know what works for me and I always keep it simple! Use it or not, it's your choice!

1. The Raincoat - Never leave home without it!

  1. It must be breathable, waterproof and windproof - GoreTex is the best.

  2. If it's for the mountains get at least a size bigger. My jacket is an XXL. It's got to fit stuff underneath it, like a fleece and/or a down jacket. Avoid black or green, which are difficult to see.

  3. If it's for rural or urban wear, uhmm, you're at the wrong blog, however, get whatever makes you look and feel FANTASTIC!

I'm learning to trust this site: They use freelance writers and articles are written by folk that use the gear. I tend to find out the best brand and then pursue that website for a while.

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